Your life doesn't exist outside the laws of nature


Then in ignorance, I await my own surprise
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How does one become confident and find them self?


try to wake up happy. drink water. take long showers until your skin gets wrinkled. wear cute underwear. look at old pictures to see how much you’ve grown. grow your hair out. cut your hair off. find a perfume that smells how summer feels. if scales are your enemy, get rid of them. make your body strong, not perfect. challenge yourself to say three nice things about yourself each day. don’t compare yourself to others—they are not you. they will never be you. get rid of magazines that make you feel bad.

learn to love spending time with yourself. take yourself out to dinner. take yourself to the movies. take yourself to a museum and look at the pieces without having to stick to anyone’s schedule but your own. wear clothes you love. wear colors. smile at strangers. they will smile back. make small talk. don’t worry if people think you’re weird for asking the cashier how their day is going. give compliments. learn how to accept a compliment. organize your closet. get rid of clothes that remind you of negative points in your life. get rid of things that remind you of negative people in your life. 

walk more. read more. sit outside more. feel the sun on your shoulders more. take pictures. you have a beautiful life. you have a beautiful soul. document it. make sure you are in the pictures. sing in public. realize that you see hundreds of faces every day and of those faces, approximately none of them will remember that you tripped walking up the stairs this morning. forgive yourself. even confident people get embarrassed. everyone gets embarrassed.

remember that no one ever knows exactly who they are. it is okay to feel lost. it is okay to feel confused. it is not okay to berate yourself for feeling that way.

love yourself. love others.